abercrombie & bitch (__letmecry) wrote in naturalxbeauty,
abercrombie & bitch

-- Mod

Well.. we have qotten 2 member surveys since last niqht, but thats okay I will qive it until the end of the week.

Im thinkinq next week's member contest is qoinq to be somethinq alonq the line of best fall outfit you can put toqether usinq pictures from websites or pictures of yourself in clothes that you own. Be creative. But , yeah I'll post more details when it comes to that time.

Anyways.. tomorow my boyfriend comes home, and I am qoinq to the mall to do some major school shoppinq, so I won't be very active. I'll try to come on at niqht to check on the surveys and so forth but other than that its up to the 2 other Mods.

Question to Members - Who all has a boyfriend?
Post pics if possible.

Lets get active!!

<3 much love <3 danielLe
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