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We`re all naturals. . .

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your a natural
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lorenzo(lauren elizabeth}

julie_neutron-failure to post application

--- RulLes --


o1. Don`t talk back to a MOD.
o2. If your qoinq to be inactive for more than 3 days, leave a notice sayinq were your qoinq and when you will be back.
o3. Promote Daily
o4. Keep up to date on votinq
o5. Be honest at all time.
o6. Keep up to dates on new pictures.
o7. All pictures, and biq entries must be in an LJ cut.
o8. Post frequently.
o9. Participate in Member Contests
1o. Respect other members
11. Do NOT promote other communities in our community UNLESS you have promoted in theirs first.
12. When votinq, must qive specific reasons WHY you do or do not want that person to be accepted. Give all your +'s and -'s. If you have 4 or more +'s , and only 2 -'s and you say NO, that is not acceptable. Be a fair voter.
13. You do NOT decide whether an applicant is accepted or not.
14. Only vote one time per applicant.
15. Report any spam or inactive members if you notice them.


o1. Answer every question in the application.
o2. Everythinq is in an LJ Cut.
o3. Must have 3 or more pictures.
o4. Subject line must be " Am I Natural ? ", So we know you took the time to read the rules.
o5. Do not comment back to a vote if they do NOT ask you a question that requires an answer.
o6. Do not talk back to a MOD or any members.
o7. Answer the questions HONESTLY, we will find out if your lyinq.
o8. Must be 14 and older.
o9. Do not PROMOTE in our community, unless you are stamped and have read the promotinq rules for Members.
1o. Must PROMOTE our community in 2 communities when applyinq.
11. Do not post any entries in the community unless you have been marked STAMPED by a MOD.
12. Do NOT question a vote.
13. Post all answers to questions UNDERNEATH the question.

MODS will decide after 2 days of votinq whether or not an applicant will be accepted. Please be patient.

If your are NOT accepted. Wait 2 weeks, and try aqain.
If you are NOT accepted the 2nd time, do NOT try out aqain. You will be banned if you try a third time.

When answerinq the followinq questions, answer them underneath the question. Just press enter after the - and answer them.

Ab0Ut Y0U
Full Name -
Nick Name -
Aqe -
Birthday -
Sex -
Location -
Hobbies/Interests -
Zodiac Siqn -


Favorite Movies -
Favorite Bands -
Favorite Sinqers -
Favorite Color -
Favorite Actors -
Favorite Actresses -
Favorite Sonqs -
Favorite Foods -
Favorite quotes -

Hate it ...

Whats the uqliest color -
Brand of clothinq you hate -
Worst place to shop -
Worst Food -
Worst Drink -
Worst Smell -
Worst Actor -
Worst Actress -
Worst Movie -
Worst Song -
Worst Singer -
Worst band -
Your worst pet peeve -
Worst thinq someone could wear -
Worst thinq someone could say to you -
Whose the uqliest qirl you know -
The uqliest quy you know -

Love it ...

Best Place to Shop -
Best article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) -
Most worn article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) -
What kind of jewelry do you usually wear( if so post a pic )-
Describe your favorite outfit ( if so post a pic )-
Describe your favorite pair of shoes ( if so post a pic ) -
Most worn shoes ( if so post a pic ) -


What`s the meanest thinq you`ve ever done? -
What`s the nicest thinq you`ve ever done? -
What`s the meanest insult you`ve been qiven? -
What`s the meanest insult you`ve qiven? -
What`s the biqqest lie you`ve ever told? -
What`s the best feelinq in the world to you? -
What`s the worst feelinq in the world to you? -
What`s the nicest thinq someones ever done for you? -
What`s the meanest thinq someones ever done to you? -

If ...

If i was stranded on an island and I would brinq what 3 thinqs -
If I found out my boyfriend was cheatinq on me I would -
If I found out my bestfriend was talkinq behind my back I would -
If I found out there was a bad rumour about me qoinq around school I would -
If I could take one person with me on vacation to a forqein country I would take who, and were -
If I had to spend the rest of my life with one person it would be -

Hmmm ...

Why should we accept you? -
Promote us in 2 communities/users ( Links below )
How'd you hear about us? -
Post at LEAST 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself -
Body Shot / Head Shot, and Whatever else you`d like.

Each week, we are qoinq to hold Member Contests.
The contests miqht include..
Who has the best hair?
The best style?
Whos the hottest?
Cutest outfit
Cutest Shoes
Cutest Boyfriend
Cutest Pet

and so on and so forth. If you have any idea`s for a contest feel free to contact the MODS.

Remember : All members are REQUIRED to participate in the contests. If you cannot qet a picture tooken of what we are askinq for, full descriptions are always welcomed. =) Have fun with it!

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