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Full Name - Laura Lynn Harkins
Nick Name - LaLa
Aqe - 15
Birthday - 10-13-1989
Sex - Female
Location - Boston//Massachusetts, United States
Hobbies/Interests - I love to cheer. I am on the Jv team.


Favorite Movies - Thirteen
Favorite Bands - I love D12. I love rap.
Favorite Sinqers - Eminem. He's a hottie.
Favorite Color - Pink/Blue
Favorite Actors - Emienm in 8 mile
Favorite Actresses - Brittney Murphey (sp?)
Favorite Sonqs - All falls down, Numb, Slow Motion
Favorite Foods - Anything pasta.
Favorite quotes - Defend for wut you LOVE..... Fight for wut you belive in...

Hate it ...

Whats the uqliest color - Gray.
Brand of clothinq you hate - Aeropostale
Worst place to shop - K-mart
Worst Food - Squash
Worst Drink - Miller Lite
Worst Smell - Amber "Victory secrete scent"
Worst Actor - Leo decaprio
Worst Actress - Pam Anderson
Worst Movie - Enough
Worst Song - "Because You loved me"
Worst Singer - Brittney Spears
Worst band - Sum41
Your worst pet peeve - Someone who stuck on themselves
Worst thinq someone could wear - Poka dotted shirt and pants
Worst thinq someone could say to you - Baby lets "fuck"
Whose the uqliest qirl you know - I don't look at peoples looks
The uqliest quy you know - Jordan In my 4th Period

Love it ...

Best Place to Shop - American eagle/ Abercrombie
Best article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) - Abercrombie
Most worn article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) - My aboercrombie Shirts
What kind of jewelry do you usually wear( if so post a pic )- My belly Button RIngs
Describe your favorite outfit ( if so post a pic )- My black skirt that was bought with my pink shirt and black flip flops. It goes really good together.
Describe your favorite pair of shoes ( if so post a pic ) - My abercrombie flip flops
Most worn shoes ( if so post a pic ) - Phat Farms.


What`s the meanest thinq you`ve ever done? - Told this one girl she was to ugly to be my friend.
What`s the nicest thinq you`ve ever done? - Befriended anyone as longs as they respect me and my girls/boys.
What`s the meanest insult you`ve been qiven? - I dont rember?
What`s the meanest insult you`ve qiven? - Girl take that style back where you came from. K-mart. ( Stupid I know )
What`s the biqqest lie you`ve ever told? - Probley when I spent the nite at a guys house and I told my mom I was staying at my girls Ashley's.
What`s the best feelinq in the world to you? - Loving someone who loves you the same.
What`s the worst feelinq in the world to you? - When a person you love dosen't love you back.
What`s the nicest thinq someones ever done for you? - My boyfriend's parents lied to get me outta trouble with the police
What`s the meanest thinq someones ever done to you? - A boy asked me out as a joke in the 6th grade.

If ...

If i was stranded on an island and I would brinq what 3 thinqs - Family,Friends,Love
If I found out my boyfriend was cheatinq on me I would - Cry a river and ask about it and find more out.
If I found out my bestfriend was talkinq behind my back I would - I would confront her.
If I found out there was a bad rumour about me qoinq around school I would - Do my best to clear it up.
If I could take one person with me on vacation to a forqein country I would take who, and were - My boyfriend, to Italy.
If I had to spend the rest of my life with one person it would be - My boyfriend... Matt

Hmmm ...

Why should we accept you? - I am a caring and outgoing person. I love to make new friends.
Promote us in 2 communities/users ( Links below )
How'd you hear about us? - Throw a friend.
Post at LEAST 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself -
Body Shot / Head Shot, and Whatever else you`d like.

Body shot:

Head shot:

My favorite one it turned out good.:
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