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am i natural ?

Ab0Ut Y0U
Full Name - Mary
Nick Name - Marebear Mare
Aqe - 14

Birthday - 12.25.89
Sex -  female
Location - Philly Pa, whoo Real World
Hobbies/Interests - cheerleading, dancing, shopping, gymnastics, watching the EAGLES, hanging with friends
Zodiac Siqn - capricorn


Favorite Movies - mean girls, the breakfast club, bring it on, coneheads, save the last dance, the outsiders, a walk to remember
Favorite Bands - maroon 5, eminem, 50 cent, nelly
Favorite Sinqers - Ashlee Simpson, Ashanti
Favorite Color - pink and black
Favorite Actors - Vin Diesel Matt Damon
Favorite Actresses - Brittany Murphy Kate Hudson
Favorite Sonqs - my boo, lets get away, she will be loved
Favorite Foods - KFC, Taco Bell, Burger King
Favorite quotes - love all trust a few do wrong to none

Hate it ...

Whats the uqliest color - brown or the greenish brown poopy looking color
Brand of clothinq you hate - I don't hate any brand, I just hate ugly clothes
Worst place to shop - I like all stores, probally none
Worst Food - brusselsprouts
Worst Drink - liquor
Worst Smell - burnt rubber
Worst Actor - can't think of any
Worst Actress - some of those soap opera actresses
Worst Movie - from Justin to Kelly
Worst Song - can't get you out of my head
Worst Singer - Jennifer Lopez
Worst band - LFO or some old boy band even though I secretly loved them ! hehe
Your worst pet peeve -bones breaking or popping back in, ughghghghhg
Worst thinq someone could wear - some bright outfit like the highlighter hot pink green and yellow colors
Worst thinq someone could say to you - I don't like you your fucking ugly and your a bitch,
Whose the uqliest qirl you know - that's really mean
The uqliest quy you know - nobody

Love it ...

Best Place to Shop - American Eagle
Best article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) - my AE purple hoodie
Most worn article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) - probally my sneakers
What kind of jewelry do you usually wear( if so post a pic )- my cheerleader charm and necklace
Describe your favorite outfit ( if so post a pic )- my pink tube top and blue jeans
Describe your favorite pair of shoes ( if so post a pic ) - my pink heels
Most worn shoes ( if so post a pic ) - my yellow and blue nike sneakers (they are cute!! lol)


What`s the meanest thinq you`ve ever done? - probally made fun of someone to their face, but I usually really get upset over it, I mean if I'm accepted yes I will reject people, but I'm not going to curse them out or say they should die, that's horrible and rude
What`s the nicest thinq you`ve ever done? - this week I invited a girl to sit with me and my friends at lunch because she was by herself
What`s the meanest insult you`ve been qiven? - your ugly
What`s the meanest insult you`ve qiven? - your fat
What`s the biqqest lie you`ve ever told? -probally to my parents something stupid I don't remember

What`s the best feelinq in the world to you? - to be loved
What`s the worst feelinq in the world to you? - to be hated
What`s the nicest thinq someones ever done for you? - just been kind and nice
What`s the meanest thinq someones ever done to you? - being ignorant and mean

If ...

If i was stranded on an island and I would brinq what 3 thinqs - hair brush, clothes, a boat, duh lol
If I found out my boyfriend was cheatinq on me I would - break up with him, you can do better than that
If I found out my bestfriend was talkinq behind my back I would - confront her, if she was a true friend she would never talk about you
If I found out there was a bad rumour about me qoinq around school I would - find out who started it and confront them
If I could take one person with me on vacation to a forqein country I would take who, and were - probally one of my friends to France or Ireland
If I had to spend the rest of my life with one person it would be -the person I truly love and care about

Hmmm ...

Why should we accept you? - because I'm a nice person who is honest
Promote us in 2 communities/users ( Links below )
How'd you hear about us? - looking through lj
Post at LEAST 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself -


Body Shot / Head Shot, and Whatever else you`d like.


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