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That Will Always Have Your Heart

Ab0Ut Y0U
Full Name -
Jade Erin Powell
Nick Name -
Aqe -
Birthday -
January 20
Sex -
Location -
Warren, Michigan
Hobbies/Interests -
Volleyball, shopping, swimming, hanging out, singing and just having fun.
Zodiac Siqn -

Nationality -
Mostly French and Indian


Favorite Movies -
Napolean Dynomite, Gothika, Thirteen, Ghost ship, The Butterfly Effect
Favorite Bands -
Three Days Grace, Slipknot Lacuna Coil, 3 doors down, Yellowcard
Favorite Sinqers -
Christina Aguliera, PETEY PABLO, Ludacris, Christina Milian, Jay-Z, and alot more
Favorite Color -
Favorite Actors -
Sean William Scott, Patrick Sean Thomas (? that guy in save the last dance)
Favorite Actresses -
Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz
Favorite Sonqs -
Goodies-Ciara, Freek - a - Leek
Favorite Foods -
Macaroni and cheese, Taco Bell
Favorite quotes -
When I look in the Mirror I wish I didn't see me

Hate it ...

Whats the uqliest color -
Brand of clothinq you hate -
I dont really know
Worst place to shop -
i dont know
Worst Food -
Worst Drink -
This Liquor shit that i drank from my cabinet one time (remember that amber?)
Worst Smell -
That smell thats randomly there while your driving in your car.
Worst Actor -
Worst Actress -
Hilarty Duff
Worst Movie -
House of 1000 corpses..
Worst Song -
Any country song
Worst Singer -
Avril Laveigne
Worst band - 
The Yeah Yeah Yeah's 
Your worst pet peeve -
People who are un neccesarily loud at like 7 in the morning
Worst thinq someone could wear -
Clothes that dont match
Worst thinq someone could say to you -
Depends on what mood I'm in
Whose the uqliest qirl you know -
Ainsley r....somthin
The uqliest quy you know -
Andrew Weishar

Love it ...

Best Place to Shop -
American Eagle n Deb
Best article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) -
My Pink Eastside Barracudas shirt from American Eagle
Most worn article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) -
these Jeans >
What kind of jewelry do you usually wear( if so post a pic )-
Alot of earrings and my bellybuttonring.


Describe your favorite outfit ( if so post a pic )-
My pink, gray and white stiped off tha shoulders shirt from charloette russe and my white skirt from Wet seal that has a pink ribbon on it.
Most worn shoes ( if so post a pic ) -
red flip flops


What`s the meanest thinq you`ve ever done? -

Poured a bucket of ice cold water over someones head.

What`s the nicest thinq you`ve ever done? -
volunteered at special olympics?
What`s the meanest insult you`ve been qiven? -
i dont remember.
What`s the meanest insult you`ve qiven? -
again.. i dont remember
What`s the biqqest lie you`ve ever told? -
probably when i told my mom i was at great skate but i really went to detroit.
What`s the best feelinq in the world to you? -
True Love
What`s the worst feelinq in the world to you? -
Betrayal and Lonliness
What`s the nicest thinq someones ever done for you? -
umm.. just been here for me no matter what
What`s the meanest thinq someones ever done to you? -
nothing really
Do you have a boyfriend? -
If so how long have you been together -
1 year, 1 month
If so how do they make you feel -
Loved, beautiful, and like i've never felt before
Do you have a crush? -
If so how do they make you feel? -
i told you already
Who was your most recent crush? -
look above
How did they make you feel? -

If ...

If i was stranded on an island and I would brinq what 3 thinqs -
Aric, cell phone, Water
If I found out my boyfriend was cheatinq on me I would -
Talk to him about it.. then decide what to do after i know tha facts
If I found out my bestfriend was talkinq behind my back I would -
find a new best friend
If I found out there was a bad rumour about me qoinq around school I would -
ignore it, i'd be pissed, but there's nothing i can do about it
If I could take one person with me on vacation to a forqein country I would take who, and were -
Aric, and i would go to cancun.. because its fun there
If I had to spend the rest of my life with one person it would be -

Hmmm ...

Post some pictures of yourself -





Here is My 200x200 -   i think that is 200 x 200 anyways

if not tell me and i will redo it



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