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Am I natural?

Ab0Ut Y0U
Full Name - Danielle Marie O'Renick
Nick Name - Holly
Aqe - 14
Birthday - November 14, 1990
Sex - Female
Location - North Carolina
Hobbies/Interests - Gymnastics, Friends, Laguna Beach
Zodiac Siqn - Scorpio


Favorite Movies - A cinderella Story
Favorite Bands - Maroon 5
Favorite Sinqers - Britney Spears
Favorite Color - Pink
Favorite Actors - Tobey Mcquire
Favorite Actresses - Camaron Diaz
Favorite Sonqs - Boulevard of broken dreams
Favorite Foods - Chinesse and Pickles
Favorite quotes -  Some work for this, for me it comes natural

Hate it ...

Whats the uqliest color - brown
Brand of clothinq you hate - Self-esteme
Worst place to shop - Goodwill
Worst Food - Greek
Worst Drink - Sun drop
Worst Smell - eggs
Worst Actor - Matt damon
Worst Actress - Britney murphy
Worst Movie - Hairspray
Worst Song - float on moduest mouse
Worst Singer - My mom
Worst band -  Moduest Mouse
Your worst pet peeve - biting your nails
Worst thinq someone could wear -  Hawiian with pin strips
Worst thinq someone could say to you - you don't match
Whose the uqliest qirl you know - uma therman
The uqliest quy you know - Fred Durst

Love it ...

Best Place to Shop - Hollister
Best article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) - My Hollister hoodie
Most worn article of clothinq you own ( if so post a pic ) -My squirrel shirt
What kind of jewelry do you usually wear( if so post a pic )-A necklas and watch and often a ring
Describe your favorite outfit ( if so post a pic )- My squirrel shirt posted above and jeans
Describe your favorite pair of shoes ( if so post a pic ) -Flip Flops (all)
Most worn shoes ( if so post a pic ) - Flip Flops


What`s the meanest thinq you`ve ever done? -
Told my mom I was sick so I wouldnt have to babysit my brother and sister

What`s the nicest thinq you`ve ever done? -  Helped my grandma clean out the attic
What`s the meanest insult you`ve been qiven? - Some one called me a Crack Whore (Which is so not true)
What`s the meanest insult you`ve qiven? - I told someone they were ugly cause they keep saying they were hot.
What`s the biqqest lie you`ve ever told? -That I was sick and I really wasnt
What`s the best feelinq in the world to you? - Falling in Love
What`s the worst feelinq in the world to you? - A broken Heart
What`s the nicest thinq someones ever done for you? -  They bought me a teddy bear and candy when i was sick
What`s the meanest thinq someones ever done to you? -Told a Boy I had A small crush on that i was obsessed with him.... He gave me weird looks from then on.

If ...

If i was stranded on an island and I would brinq what 3 thinqs - My cell phone, My boyfriend, and pickles
If I found out my boyfriend was cheatinq on me I would - See if it was true and break up with him
If I found out my bestfriend was talkinq behind my back I would - Confront her and ask why
If I found out there was a bad rumour about me qoinq around school I would - I would tell every that is is soooo not true
If I could take one person with me on vacation to a forqein country I would take who, and were - My boyfriend Michael
If I had to spend the rest of my life with one person it would be - Michael Tramble

Hmmm ...

Why should we accept you? - Becaue I want to be apart of this community and I want to be loyal and become friends with all yall.
Promote us in 2 communities/users ( Links below )
How'd you hear about us? - Just surfing live journal
Post at LEAST 3 CLEAR pictures of yourself -
Body Shot / Head Shot, and Whatever else you`d like.

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